I received my tags, but the chain is broken. Can I get a replacement?

It’s unlikely that the chain is actually broken, but it’s an easy mistake to make. The envelope with the chains in contains two chains: one long chain (69cm) and one short chain (11.5cm). There is a fastener on one end of each chain and the other end is plain ball bearings.

How do I assemble the chains?

Pass the chain through the hole in the tag and place the end bead into the coupling. Slide fingers back on chain as shown, and pull until the chain clicks into place.

chain assy1chain assy2





Are my tags really made of stainless steel?

We can assure you that, unless otherwise stated,  our standard tags are made of 304 grade stainless steel – this is a non-magnetic grade of stainless steel, which sometimes confuses people. The tags have to be as light as possible because they are genuine US Army tags that are worn by soldiers in combat, but they're tough, and won't corrode, so you can wear them in all weathers.

We could use thicker imitation tags, but this would affect the quality of the embossing.

Will the colour rub off?

Our coloured tags are made of anodised aluminium. Anodisation is a chemical process that uses electrolysis to change the surface of the metal: it makes the metal more resistant to corrosion, and the addition of dye during the anodisation process produces a rich colour that is sealed into the surface of the metal. It won't rub off, even in water, and it won't crack, or flake.

Why can’t I have <3 or * or @ embossed on my tags?

At IDentiTag, we use a genuine military embossing machine, and these characters aren’t used in the U.S. Army specifications. Other suppliers may offer these characters, but that’s because they use civilian machines, or hand embossers.

Can you just squeeze the letters up to fit a longer text on the tags?

Each letter is a separate piece of type-face in the machine, and we can’t change the sizes or move things around.

How do you offer such a fast delivery on a personalised product?

The text you send us is automatically fed into the embossing machine, and it will spit out your completed tags in a matter of seconds. Look out for us at air shows in the summer to see the machine in action.

There’s a mistake on my embossing, can you send me some new tags?

If you ordered via the website, the text that you typed goes straight to the embossing machine, so unless there has been a mix-up with another order or a machine error, then what you get will be what you typed. If there is a mistake at our end, we will correct it at no extra charge.

I ordered replacement silencers for my tags but they’re round.

Don’t worry – the silencers will stretch into shape to fit snugly over your tags. Simply slot the edge of the tag into the groove inside the silencer, and pull firmly to ease the silencer over the tag.

Bespoke embossed US Army Dog Tags